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Research on the Service of Special Collections of University Libraries Empowered by Intelligent Media

In the era of homogenization of digital resources, special collection resources are the most characteristic and personalized resource system in all kinds of resource systems of university libraries. The complexity and particularity of special collection resources in terms of collection form, expression form, and service form, as well as the current situation of "valuing collection over utilization" and the weak radiation of promotion services, are not in line with their functional value. There is an urgent need for creative transformation and innovative development. With the development of the era of intelligent media and the application of technology, the construction and service of special collection resources in libraries are facing the test of transformation and innovation. Digital humanities and intelligent media empowerment bring new opportunities for the construction of special collection resources in colleges and universities. Through artificial intelligence, VR technology, AR technology and other intelligent media to drive the construction of knowledge system, let the special collection resources "live", from the perspective of resource construction, space reconstruction and perceptual experience, let the special collection be revitalized in the era of intelligent media. Libraries need to continuously expand their new media services, integrate technology, resources and networks into the construction and services of special collections, further effectively innovate the functions of special collection resources and unleash social value, achieve leapfrog development of library intelligent media empowerment and special collection construction and services, and achieve the co-creation of cultural special collection services and user value in intelligent media libraries.

The Age of Intelligent Media, Intelligent Media Technology, Construction of Special Collections, Special Collection Service

Li Jingzhi. (2023). Research on the Service of Special Collections of University Libraries Empowered by Intelligent Media. American Journal of Information Science and Technology, 7(2), 89-94.

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