About Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings serves as a comprehensive collection of scholarly research and advancements presented at the esteemed conference. The Proceedings encapsulate the diverse range of topics and cutting-edge research presented at the conference, providing a valuable resource for scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike.

Conference proceedings are published as freely accessible volumes, ensuring open access for all readers.

Where applicable, we will take care to submit these proceedings to relevant indexation databases.

You can benefit from our experience and services to turn your conference publication into worldwide accessible science.

Why Publish With Us?

Publishing your conference proceedings with us is now even easier. Our service includes a brand new suite of tools that offer seamless management of each stage of the process, whether your event is online or in person. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to manage all aspects of your conference in one place, including:

  • Open Access Publishing

    Your conference materials will be released with an open access license, allowing unrestricted access for everyone and maximizing the visibility of your event.

  • Fast and Cost-effective

    Four weeks is all it takes to publish your conference articles. We also offer a discounted price as part of our comprehensive publishing solution.

    About proceedings publication fee, please click here.

  • Extensive Variety of Content

    Collect and preserve all the full-text articles generated during your conference.

  • Highly Expandable

    Whether your conference features a limited number of papers or a vast collection, our Conference Proceedings platform offers a user-friendly solution to effectively manage your conference content.

Three Options to Publish Your Conference Proceedings

We provide three viable options that cater to different needs and preferences, allowing you to choose the best fit for your requirements.

  • Online Management of the Conference Content

    We can offer event planners a digital platform to efficiently manage the scientific content of their online events. This system facilitates various steps of the conference including articles management submission to the publisher and data and analytics.

  • Premium Option

    Apart from publishing conference articles online, SciencePG offers the option to create a dedicated webpage for your event where the key content and information about the conference (objectives, scope, organizing committees, sponsors, etc.) can be archived.

  • Editorial Service

    Conference organizers have the flexibility to either submit pre-prepared articles or opt for our assistance in managing the layout process and creating high-quality PDF files for the articles.

Guidelines for Publishing Conference Proceedings

Before submitting the accepted articles from your conference, please check our preparation and submission guidelines. Depending on whether you chose to provide us pre-prepared articles or to use our editorial service to manage files, please download:

A Peer Review Guide for peer reviewers to use when evaluating each manuscript submitted.

An Author Style Guide for organizers to distribute to their attendees.

To learn more about the Proceedings Publication Process, please click here.

Submit a Publication Proposal

If you would like to publish your conference articles as proceedings, you have two options for submitting your proposal:

Option 1: Quick Submission

You can simply fill out the form below to submit a proposal.

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Option 2: Email Submission

You can also download the proposal form below and submit it via email to service@academicevents.org.

Promotional Toolkit for Conference Proceedings

Once the proceedings have been published, it becomes crucial to actively engage in the effective sharing and promotion of the content. This can involve utilizing various communication channels, including social media, to maximize reach and visibility.

Some quick steps:

Add the title and URL of your proceedings to your email signature.

Update your CV and profiles (e.g. GoogleScholar)

Use your social media accounts (professional or personal) to raise awareness

Other channels:

Embrace promotional opportunities through social media, blogs, and other channels, and reciprocate when applicable.

Explore the potential for adding publications to curated reading lists

Update your conference page

Contact the library as it may also be able to help