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Study on the Application of Sex Pheromone in the Control of Asian Corn Borer

Aim: To verify the control effect of the 0.75% volatile core of the sex pheromone of the Asian corn borer, and provide a optimal dosage and method for the green control of the Asian corn borer. Methods: The experimental reagent treatment area adopts the method of trapping, with a trapping device installed every 666.67 m2, and 1, 2, and 3 volatile cores suspended in the device. The control agent and the blank control area were treated with spray, and the control agent was prepared by twice dilution method, and the blank control area was treated with the same amount of water. Investigate the number of the trapped moths, harm rates, and population decline rates at different times. Results: The cumulative amount of the trapped moths increased with the increase of the dosage. The control effect of pest and the damage coursed by the pest increased with the time and the increase of dosage. After 56 days, the control effect of pest and the damage coursed by the pest were 70.30%, 71.92%, 77.32%, and 71.36%, 73.40%, and 76.47%, respectively. The control agent showed a gradual decrease in its control effect over time, with only 13.20% and 11.26% of the pest and damage control effects observed 56 days after treatment. Conclusions: The 0.75% volatile pheromone core showing good damage control and pest control effects on the Asian corn borer, after 28 days of suspension, and is safe for other non-target organisms.

Sexual Attractant, Asian Corn Borer, Microcapsule, Volatile Core

Jin Long-fei, Li Meng-han, Liu Bin, Xu Wen-ping. (2023). Study on the Application of Sex Pheromone in the Control of Asian Corn Borer . International Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences, 9(5), 168-174.

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