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Exploration and Practice of International Marketing Course Practice Teaching Based on the "345" System

With the continuous deepening of global economic integration and internationalization, the overseas business activities of Chinese enterprises have surged, and there is a strong demand for talents who are familiar with international market laws and master international marketing knowledge and skills. International marketing is a professional course that helps students understand and master the knowledge and skills of international marketing. This project combines social needs and professional characteristics to address the problems existing in the traditional teaching mode of International Marketing. Based on professional abilities, job requirements, work content, and work context, this project aims to design precise teaching content, create student-centered teaching methods, and build diverse practical training content based on the development of new specific teaching objectives. By aligning the curriculum with work tasks, teaching content with professional abilities, teaching context with work context, and evaluation system with enterprise standards, students can improve their theoretical and practical abilities. In the specific curriculum reform, this course plans to carry out a comprehensive reform of the teaching philosophy, teaching objectives, teaching content, and teaching methods based on the teaching philosophy of "three orientations + four modules + five in one". Specifically, it includes: developing a teaching objective that combines "knowledge objectives + ability objectives + emotional objectives"; Design a teaching content that combines "theoretical teaching + case teaching + practical training teaching + practical teaching"; Create a teaching method that integrates "thinking + prediction + teaching + theory + practice"; Build diversified practical training content. To achieve teaching results that are specific in objectives, precise in content, diverse in practice, practical in application, and rich in results.

International Marketing, "345" System, Teaching Reform

APA Style

Gong, C. (2023). Exploration and Practice of International Marketing Course Practice Teaching Based on the "345" System. International Journal of Education, Culture and Society, 8(6), 276-279.

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Gong, C. Exploration and Practice of International Marketing Course Practice Teaching Based on the "345" System. Int. J. Educ. Cult. Soc. 2023, 8(6), 276-279. doi: 10.11648/j.ijecs.20230806.18

AMA Style

Gong C. Exploration and Practice of International Marketing Course Practice Teaching Based on the "345" System. Int J Educ Cult Soc. 2023;8(6):276-279. doi: 10.11648/j.ijecs.20230806.18

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