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A Review on Factors Affecting Dairy Cooperative Membership and Its Impact on Household’s Livelihood in Ethiopia

Livestock sector particularly dairy and dairy products have a huge contribution regard to small holders as income generation and employment creation in Ethiopia. But the contribution of the sector is below its potential due to different dairy production and marketing constraints. Cooperatives by bringing buyers and sellers together, can contribute towards reducing price risk and enhancing bargaining power of producers. But number of cooperatives and farmers membership on it is very low in the country. Hence, it is pertinent to understand factors affecting dairy cooperative membership and its impact the livelihood of households in Ethiopia. Factors such as age, educational level, credit access, and crossbreed cow ownership, livestock holding, family size, farming experience, extension service, awareness level, information access and income of the households are the determinant factors of dairy cooperative membership. Moreover, Membership in dairy cooperatives has a positive significant effect on households’ livelihood. however, Dairy cooperatives are hindered by the challenges like: lack of milk processing facilities, limited number of milk collection centers, low initial capacities, insufficient production area, low stakeholders’ participation, inadequate support and weak regulation and supervision, weak linkage of cooperative sectors with stakeholders, lack of awareness, low milk yield per cow, low use of crossbred cows, high cost of feed and non-availability are the major among others.

Collective Action, Dairy, Dairy Cooperative, Ethiopia

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Molla, A. (2024). A Review on Factors Affecting Dairy Cooperative Membership and Its Impact on Household’s Livelihood in Ethiopia. International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, 12(1), 11-17.

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Molla, A. A Review on Factors Affecting Dairy Cooperative Membership and Its Impact on Household’s Livelihood in Ethiopia. Int. J. Econ. Finance Manag. Sci. 2024, 12(1), 11-17. doi: 10.11648/ijefm.20241201.12

AMA Style

Molla A. A Review on Factors Affecting Dairy Cooperative Membership and Its Impact on Household’s Livelihood in Ethiopia. Int J Econ Finance Manag Sci. 2024;12(1):11-17. doi: 10.11648/ijefm.20241201.12

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