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Brief Analysis of Classroom Teaching Management in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Network Era

Under the network era environment, vocational college students are more active in thinking, their horizons are more broadened, their ideas update quickly, and they can learn in in a variety of ways. But it is easy for students to over-rely on the Internet. When encountering problems, many students first think of Internet tools such as Baidu search, lack of independent thinking and practical ability. Some students are completely addicted to the Internet and do not want to communicate with others in reality. Some become "mobile phone addicted", and some become depressed and ill. Teachers' information advantage in classroom teaching and the role of answering doubts no longer exist. Especially in recent years, due to the influence of the policy of individual enrollment, enrollment expansion and batch selection, the source of students in higher vocational colleges continues to decrease and the quality is obviously low, and the problems of students' declining learning initiative and poor self-restraint ability become more prominent. This paper discusses how to improve the management level of classroom teaching in higher vocational colleges from five aspects: changing the assessment method of courses; formulating and strictly implementing classroom discipline; changing the teaching mode, making students become the main body of class; Teaching and learning promote each other, teachers and students progress together; making reasonable use of network teaching platform, and implementing online and offline teaching.

Higher Vocational Education, Classroom Teaching Management, Course Assessment

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Hua-Yun, S. (2023). Brief Analysis of Classroom Teaching Management in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Network Era. International Journal of Vocational Education and Training Research, 9(1), 15-18.

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Hua-Yun, S. Brief Analysis of Classroom Teaching Management in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Network Era. Int. J. Vocat. Educ. Train. Res. 2023, 9(1), 15-18. doi: 10.11648/j.ijvetr.20230901.13

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Hua-Yun S. Brief Analysis of Classroom Teaching Management in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Network Era. Int J Vocat Educ Train Res. 2023;9(1):15-18. doi: 10.11648/j.ijvetr.20230901.13

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