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Research on the Management Mode of College Financial Electronic Archives Based on Block Chain Technology

In the context of electronicization, this article focuses on the four prerequisites for direct archiving of electronic accounting documents based on block chain technology. It is believed that there is a high correlation between the authenticity and reliability of financial electronic records and block chain technology, the access rights of university financial electronic records and the trustworthy authentication mechanism of block chain, the construction of financial electronic record supervision system and block chain consensus mechanism, and the limitations of financial business rules and block chain smart contracts. On the basis of correlation analysis, a block chain based university financial electronic record management model was constructed from the aspects of application layer, smart contract layer, business node, and data layer. The main positions and roles of various entities on the chain were analyzed in detail, including bill issuers, bill users, bill receivers, and bill searchers. This model has the characteristics of fast response speed, high security, and the ability to achieve paperless financial records, and can effectively meet the needs of university financial electronic record management. However, this electronic record management model still faces significant challenges in deployment mode, ecosystem establishment, security management, smart contract design, and other aspects, which need to be given attention in practical work. On the one hand, block chain technology can enhance the informatization level of financial electronic record management in universities; On the other hand, it can effectively improve the convenience of searching for financial electronic archives information in universities. With the continuous integration of block chain technology and the education field, establishing a secure, reliable, convenient, and open university financial electronic record management system will inevitably become a reality.

University Financial, Electronic Archives, Block Chain

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Xuemei, Y. (2023). Research on the Management Mode of College Financial Electronic Archives Based on Block Chain Technology. Journal of Finance and Accounting, 11(6), 196-202.

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Xuemei, Y. Research on the Management Mode of College Financial Electronic Archives Based on Block Chain Technology. J. Finance Account. 2023, 11(6), 196-202. doi: 10.11648/j.jfa.20231106.13

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Xuemei Y. Research on the Management Mode of College Financial Electronic Archives Based on Block Chain Technology. J Finance Account. 2023;11(6):196-202. doi: 10.11648/j.jfa.20231106.13

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