Earth Sciences

Special Issue

Scientific Advances for Climate Recovery

  • Submission Deadline: 30 January 2018
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Tamara Tulaikova
About This Special Issue
The special issue serves for improvement of the dissemination of advanced research in the areas of modern study of the natural mechanisms inside atmosphere and ocean. Modern atmosphere and ocean are not something natural; their compositions were changed due to a lot of man-made contaminants during last 100 years. Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are leading to larger extreme climatic events, as global warming, droughts, rising sea levels, other marked ecological problems. We look for new ideas, methods and technologies for environment improvement and climate restore. The development of the series of different technical methods for global purification is very important today’s world and mitigation approach is necessary in order to combat the imminent dangers related to climate changes. Original research papers are solicited in any aspect of innovative modern technology.

Aims and Scope:
Study of Atmosphere and Ocean Problems
Greenhouse Gases
Remote Sensing Methods
New Devices for Measurements of Air or Water Pollution
Water/Gas Admixtures Purification Technologies
Geo Engineering Ideas and New Technologies
Global Problem Analysis for Climate With Solution Approaches
Lead Guest Editor
  • Tamara Tulaikova

    Wave Research Center, Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation

Guest Editors
  • Paul A. Comet

    Comet Environmental Consulting, Newcastle University, Houston, United States

  • Richard O. Claus

    NanoSonic Inc., Pembroke, United States

  • John B. Cook

    Advanced Data Mining International (ADMI), Greenville, United States

  • Edwin A. Roehl Jr.

    Advanced Data Mining International, Greenville, United States

  • Ph.D. Svetlana Amirova

    Advanced Data Minig Int., Greenville SC, United States

  • Qinghui Li

    Ideal Oil and Gas Connections, Inc., Beijing, China

  • Alpasha Nabiyev

    Departmenr of Physical Geography, Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Atanu Nag

    Department of Physics, Modern Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bandel, India

Published Articles
  • Hydrology and Eutrophication State of Sassandra River Estuary in Ivory Coast (Gulf of Guinea)

    Kouadio Guy Richard N’dri , Kouame Loukou Nicolas , Monde Sylvain

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1-1, February 2018
    Pages: 1-10
    Received: 21 November 2017
    Accepted: 25 January 2018
    Published: 28 March 2018
    DOI: 10.11648/
    Abstract: Variations in the physico-chemical and chemical parameters of the Sassandra estuarine zone are greatly influenced by the dynamics of the Sassandra River. The waters are heavily loaded during periods of flood. Salinity is very low or zero during the flood and increases slightly to 0.1 to 2.93‰ in the dry season. The values of physico-chemical parame... Show More