International Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Special Issue

Multiscale Impacts of Climate and Anthropogenic Changes on Hydrology

Submission deadline: Jul. 05, 2024
Status: Open for Submission
Climate and anthropogenic changes are major drivers of river flows variability. However, understanding their simultaneous impact on hydrology is limited in some parts of the world. Generally, the study of the impact of these environmental forcings is done in different ways. In some works, this impact has been studied using the historical/contemporary period. Meanwhile, other studies have addressed it over future periods to plan how available water resources will be distributed among different sectors. Until now, there are few studies that have addressed both the study of the impact of environmental forcings on hydrology using current and future climate projections in most regions of the world, due to the scarcity of data. As a contribution to this limitation, the objective of this special issue is to address the impact of climate change and anthropogenic changes on hydrology. This special issue will cover papers related to spatiotemporal analyze of meteorological and hydrological series, climate modelling, hydrological modelling, flood modelling and land use/cover change. Research articles, review articles as well as short communications are invited.


  1. Climate Change Modelling
  2. Land Use/Cover Changes
  3. Hydrological Modelling
  4. Flood Risk
  5. Runoff Increase
  6. Drought Spell
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