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Research on Full Process Engineering Consulting Based on Digitalization

In the context of the country's efforts to promote the whole process of engineering consulting services and the informatization transformation of the construction industry, in view of the problems existing in the current engineering consulting industry, from the perspective of the development needs of the engineering consulting industry, the "whole process engineering consulting services" and "digitalization" are proposed as an effective response strategy, and the "goal implementation" path of the whole process engineering consulting services Digital transformation is constructed, And from the aspects of organizational structure design, standard system construction, infrastructure construction, demand guidance, and improvement of laws and regulations, the paper puts forward the leading points of the whole process of Digital transformation of engineering consulting services. The whole process engineering consulting in China is in a rapid development stage, and it is urgent to seek a development path for the whole process engineering consulting. The digital management technology and platform of the whole Process engineering consultation can effectively improve the level and efficiency of engineering management. This article can provide useful references for the transformation and development of the entire process of engineering consulting.

Digital Economy, Full Process Engineering Consulting Services, Digital Transformation

Huang Lei, Bai Yongchun, Cao Jing, Zhu Jianyou, Zhang Yiyuan, et al. (2023). Research on Full Process Engineering Consulting Based on Digitalization. American Journal of Management Science and Engineering, 8(4), 84-88.

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