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Farmer’s Perception Towards Agricultural Lime Technology in the Case of Ejere District, West Shewa, Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia

The purpose of the study is to find out how farmers perceive about agricultural lime technologies in some chosen kebeles within the districts of Ejere. This study examines farmers' opinions about lime technology were measured using a scale with items developed for the purpose of this study. A multistage sampling procedure was employed to draw 145 sample households from one woreda and three kebeles. Using a Likert type scale, sample respondents' responses to the perception were examined. According to the degree of agreement, the outcome showed that the perception on the statement lime treat (amend) soil acidity, improve crop yield, improve crop yield for consecutive years, reduce crop disease showed positive perception from the respondent Whereas, perception on the statement lime needs additional labor and time, technological availability and soil acidity testing service shows the lowest degree of agreement in relation to the other level of agreement parameters taken into consideration. Despite the fact that the study area's households benefit more from technology, It is discouraged for certain farmers to use the lime technology due to unavailability of the technology (lime shortage), unawareness about lime technology, transportation problem, labor shortage and a problem of soil acidity testing service were some of the elements influencing the study area's adoption of lime technology. Therefore, the government, nongovernmental organizations, and other stakeholders focused more on making better access to agricultural lime timely and needed to put in place infrastructural and policy support at different levels for technical interventions to address the problem of acid soils in general and in the study area in particular.

Lime, Likert Scale, Perception, Smallholder Farmers, Technology

Hana Amare. (2023). Farmer’s Perception Towards Agricultural Lime Technology in the Case of Ejere District, West Shewa, Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia. International Journal of Agricultural Economics, 8(6), 245-250.

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