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A Methodological Study on Cultivating Infant’s Creativity in Family Education

The creativity owned by nationals of a country, in recent years, has been widely focused on in the world, additionally, the talents full of innovative ability are unprecedentedly demanded in China. Pre-primary education is a key period for infant to develop their creativity and the family education plays a unique role in their cultivation of creativity, which means that we are required to facilitate infant’s creative development, to cultivate creative talent, to support modernization of China for infant in family education. This paper, on the basis of methods including questionnaire survey and documentary retrieval, investigates the issues existed in the cultivation of creativity for infant, and explores the corresponding methodology in viewpoints of family education. As the results found that the family members have insufficient cognitions on cultivating creativity, less appreciates and knowledge reserves in the viewpoint of educational concept; they have less material supports for their infant but democratic spirits available in the viewpoint of education conditions; they have no scientific methods in the viewpoint of education methodology, difficult to catch hold of educational opportunities. On the basis of analyzing influential factors at different levels, this paper specifically proposes methodologies for cultivating creativity of infant in family education, detailed as (i) laying a foundation through reinforcing the ability of cognizance, (ii) applying scientific methods and education concepts, (iii) creating proper conditions and environment, (iv) providing assistances by integrating multiple resources.

Infant’s Creativity, Family Education, Strategy

Pu Yongming, Zhou Feiyue, Liang Xia. (2023). A Methodological Study on Cultivating Infant’s Creativity in Family Education. International Journal of Education, Culture and Society, 8(4), 204-210.

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