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The Potential University Environment of Entrepreneurship Development Through the Lens of Business Incubators

In this study the authors aimed to analyze to what extent the existence of business incubators are perceived as a positive factor for the university environment and how beneficial it is to the growth of students' entrepreneurial skills as perceived by teachers. Likewise, the authors aimed to analyze the academic environment from different faculties and their predisposition towards new areas of knowledge in the economic field, especially in entrepreneurship. Business incubators represent an entrepreneurial initiation platform for students, but also a possibility of applying theoretical knowledge in local entrepreneurial practice. The connection between the academic environment, the economic environment and the public authorities needs to be made aware precisely for a revitalization, motivation, support of young entrepreneurs capable of starting businesses from the period of their university studies. The development of entrepreneurial skills will allow the identification of ideas focused on business by carrying out activities with the help of mentors from university business incubators. In this case the role of mentors (volunteers) would be Teaching Staff which can be included as an element in the support system for future entrepreneurs. The potential of university teachers and students from the university environment allows business incubators to be supported with the range of available services offering a support platform in the development of entrepreneurship.

Business Incubator, Entrepreneurship, University Environment, Entrepreneurial Skills

Mariana Doga-Mirzac, Viorica Ataman. (2023). The Potential University Environment of Entrepreneurship Development Through the Lens of Business Incubators . International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, 11(5), 234-245.

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