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A Brief Analysis of the Requirements for College English Translation (CET) Teaching in CET Translation Assessment

After the reform of Chinese English Test (CET) in 2013, the translation part was changed from single-sentence translation to paragraph translation, which increased the difficulty for both students and teachers obviously. The new translation test not only tests students' language application ability, but also requires them to be more aware of hot topics and vocabulary in Chinese history, culture, politics and economy, etc. In the meantime, The difficulty of the sentence structure and the translation of the logical relations between sentences have also been greatly increased. At least one or two long complicated sentences are included in each year’s translation test, which require advanced English ability to accomplish. It not only puts higher requirements on students, but also brings greater challenges to the teaching work of college English teachers. By summarizing the main points of translation assessment in recent years and combining with the analysis of the current situation of college English translation teaching, this paper, guided by reform and problem-oriented, puts forward new strategies from aspects of enlarging vocabulary, handling sentence structure, handwriting and more practices for college English translation teaching that adapt to the reform, hoping to better educate and guide students' translation learning, improve students’ translation ability and pass the test successfully.

College English Test, Translation Assessment, Current Situation of Translation Teaching, Corresponding Strategy

APA Style

Wu, S. (2024). A Brief Analysis of the Requirements for College English Translation (CET) Teaching in CET Translation Assessment. Higher Education Research, 8(6), 269-274. https://doi.org/10.11648/her.20230806.20

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Wu, S. A Brief Analysis of the Requirements for College English Translation (CET) Teaching in CET Translation Assessment. High. Educ. Res. 2024, 8(6), 269-274. doi: 10.11648/her.20230806.20

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Wu S. A Brief Analysis of the Requirements for College English Translation (CET) Teaching in CET Translation Assessment. High Educ Res. 2024;8(6):269-274. doi: 10.11648/her.20230806.20

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