American Journal of Chemical Engineering

Promoting Your Publication
Compose a Press Release

If your article has important and innovative information, consider writing a press release to highlight its importance. Focus on new and unexpected findings, illustrations, and narratives that can interest people beyond your specific area of expertise. A well-written press release can grab the attention of bloggers, social media personalities, and traditional media in your field.

Use Social Media

Share your article on your social media profiles – it's one of the simplest and most effective things you can do. Social media is vital for researchers worldwide to keep them active in their field.

Each platform has its own rules, but what they all share is the need to be relevant, concise and authentic. Your followers are interested in what you say as an author on a specialist topic. Focus on interesting or unusual statistics or examples and be informal. Showcasing your passion for your subject is an excellent way to engage others.

Promote Through Regular Activities
If you're delivering lectures, seminars, webinars, or attending conferences, these are excellent opportunities for article promotion.
Include a slide at the end of your presentations with a reference to your article, highlighting the journal in which it's published. Include the article link for easy access.
Add a note about your article and the journal to your email signature, including the link to the article page.
Include your article in course reading lists where relevant, and ask colleagues to do the same.
Promote your article on relevant listservs in your field.

Blogging can be a powerful tool to succinctly summarize your work, offering an excellent introduction for potential readers. Blogs work well on social media, attracting followers to delve into your work.

Your Institution's Resources

Universities often have resources like press offices and profile pages. Many are equipped with video and audio recording technology that can be used to promote your work.

Seize Institutional Opportunities
Engage with your press office. They may circulate a press release about your article. Consider a unique angle that makes your article newsworthy.
Update your university profile page with your article and the journal link. Connect it to your ORCID profile for increased visibility.
If you have access to video or audio technology, record a brief introduction about your work and share it on your profile page and social media platforms.
Ensure your institution's library has access to the journal and inform them about your published article.
Engaging Your Contacts
Send personal emails to your academic contacts, providing them with information about your article and including the link. Encourage them to recommend your work to their students and peers.
Reach out to influential contacts within your network who might be willing to share your article within their circles.
Academic Promotion Websites

Websites like ORCID, Web of Science, Kudos, and The Conversation exist to raise the profile of academics and their work. They offer excellent guidance on promoting your work, and are free to use.

Register for an ORCID profile to make it easier for people to find you and your publications.
Set up a Web of Science profile to make your work more discoverable on this international citation network.
Kudos helps academics promote their work to reach a broader audience.
Consider pitching your article to The Conversation, an academic news website known to increase research impact.