Social Sciences

Special Issue

Collaborative Impact of Educational Research on STEM Postbaccalaureate Pathways 

  • Submission Deadline: 1 June 2024
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Nishika Edwards
About This Special Issue
Educational research is a discipline that can be examined at all levels and institutions as a measure to improve academic achievement, self-efficacy, leadership, equity, motivation, social-emotional learning, cognitive, and social development. To better understand how to meet the needs of learners, it is essential to evaluate quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches and their impact. Developments from these studies can aid in facilitating strategies to support the needs of learners.
The primary goal of this special issue is to explore educational research within STEM postbaccalaureate pathway programs. We invite contributions that explore educational research, with particular interest in the transition into graduate programs, STEM, social sciences, or higher education.
Through this special issue, we aim to explore descriptive, correlational, experimental, and exploratory research designs, which includes but is not limited to multidisciplinary studies. We welcome researchers from various disciplines to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on educational research. Your contributions will play a crucial role in advancing knowledge in this field.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Self-directed learning 
  2. Education accessibility/Education inclusivity 
  3. Active learning 
  4. Educational leadership 
  5. Academic achievement
  6. Self-efficacy
  7. Leadership
  8. Equity
  9. Motivation
  10. Social-emotional learning
  11. Cognitive or Social development
  12. Workforce development 
Lead Guest Editor
  • Nishika Edwards

    Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, Greenville, United States

Guest Editors
  • Leah Robinson

    Department of Student Affairs , University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville , Greenville, United States

  • Verleen McSween

    Department of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville , St. Croix, United States

  • Deanna Taylor

    Department of Graduate Studies, University of Voorhees , Denmark, United States

  • Jameka Jackson

    Office of Culture, Access, & Stakeholder Engagement , University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville , Greenville, United States

  • Steffani Driggins

    Department of Biology , University of Claflin , Orangeburg, United States

  • Tywana Chenault Hemby

    Division of Social Sciences/Behavioral Science , Columbia College , Columbia , United States