American Journal of BioScience

Special Issue

Pharmacognosy with Reference to Evaluation of Medicinal Plants as an Alternative Therapy

  • Submission Deadline: 30 December 2014
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Jaya Kurhekar
About This Special Issue
A Special Issue on “Pharmacognosy with reference to evaluation of medicinal plants as an alternative therapy” is an international issue that seeks to publish papers aimed at addressing significant issues related to evaluation of medicinal plants as antimicrobial agents, an alternative therapy, its various implications and problems, contributing towards addition of new concepts, trends and knowledge to phyto medicines. This special issue is being launched with an aim of highlighting research related to Medicinal plants and their applications in various fields, related to health care, prebiotics and pro-biotics, hoping to lead towards a natural and healthier environment for the well being of our future generations and the life around us.

High quality papers are encouraged, for publication, directly related to various aspects as mentioned above. Novel techniques for the study are encouraged. Research papers, Critical review papers, News & Views from Research and Technology and Letters to the Editor will be welcomed. The international and interdisciplinary profile of the issue and appropriate peer review as well as refereeing procedures will be maintained and safe guarded by the editors. The Editors welcome the following contributions:
1. Full research papers: with observations and results from scientific investigations
2. Review papers: with critical reviews of subjects and topics included
3. Comments: Opinions, concerns, questions about subjects and topics included in the issue
Letters to the Editor: in order to discuss issues or concerns about subjects and topics included in the issue and initiate correspondence
Lead Guest Editor
  • Jaya Kurhekar

    Department of Microbiology, Bharati Vidyapeeth's Dr. Patangarao Kadam Mahavidyalaya, Sangli, India

Guest Editors
  • Hemantkumar Thakur

    Research Center of Boatny, Gokhale Education Society's H.P.T. Arts and R.Y.K. Science College, Nasik, India

Published Articles
  • High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis of Bioactive Components from Curcuma longa; an Anti-Microbially Effective Medicinal Spice

    Kurhekar Jaya Vikas

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1-1, February 2015
    Pages: 1-6
    Received: 5 January 2015
    Accepted: 8 January 2015
    Published: 14 January 2015
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajbio.s.2015030101.11
    Abstract: Curcuma longa - haladi, a plant grown as a spice is an entity known to have significant antimicrobial potency. This study was carried out to analyze its bio-active components, with the help of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC). Anti-microbial effects of C. longa were checked using aqueous and acetone extracts, against a few bacteri... Show More