Journal of Political Science and International Relations

Special Issue

Identity Politics: Contemporary Issues and Challenges

  • Submission Deadline: 15 June 2024
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Zarzo Sanga
About This Special Issue
Politics and Identity are two closely-intertwined concepts that had shaped and re-shaped the course of history, politics and society in the long history of every nation, race and society. In fact, politics of identity and identity politics had often spurred considerable socio-political and structural changes in world history, having far-reaching consequences, both in the formation and evolution of social structures, institutions and administrations. They had often led to revolutions and uprisings, often altering the social and political discourse of countries and societies forever. However, the very essence of the term, ‘Identity Politics’ has wide-ranging connotations and interpretations, that are often affected and reflected by ethnic concerns, governmental decisions and various other issues. Hence, the nature, scope and implications of identity politics on contemporary socio-political and cultural spheres need to be theoretically and contextually re-examined and re-defined in the contexts of contemporary socio-political and cultural milieu, so as to understand the impact of identity politics in contemporary politics and socio-cultural studies.
Hence, the primary goal of this special issue is to examine and analyze the varied contemporary issues and challenges concerning identity politics and to highlight the significance of the concept and its various underlying theoretical and contextual formulations to further enhance the understanding and studies on ethnic identity formation and identity politics in contemporary political and social studies, as well as to underline their significance and importance in today’s world.
We welcome the following types of articles: Original research articles, review articles, book review, case studies etc.
Through this special issue, we aim to identify current and prevailing issues on the topics of identity, its formation and their influence on political decisions and social fabric in contemporary discourse on the studies of ethnicity, identity and politics across various subject disciplines. We welcome researchers from various disciplines to provide interdisciplinary knowledge and perspectives on the politics of identity and identity politics in today’s world. Your contributions will no doubt play a crucial role in advancing knowledge and understanding in this particular field of study.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to

  1. Ethnicity and Identity
  2. Ethnic Politics
  3. Marginalization
  4. Identity Politics and Politics of Identity
  5. Contemporary Issues on Ethnicity, Identity and Politics
  6. Contestations of Identity and Ethnicity and its Political Ramifications
  7. Regionalism and Autonomy
  8. Politics, Groups and Identities
  9. Ethnicity and National Identity
  10. Identity Politics and Political Institutions
  11. Civil Society
Lead Guest Editor
  • Zarzo Sanga

    Department of Political Science, Government Serchhip College, Serchhip, India

Guest Editors
  • Lalnunpuii Ralte

    Department of History, Government Serchhip College, Serchhip, India

  • Joseph C. Lalremruata

    Department of Political Science, Government Mamit College, Mamit, India

  • Lalnundika Hnamte

    Department of Political Science, Pachhunga University College, Aizawl, India

  • Zonun Mawia

    Department of Political Science, Pachhunga University College, Aizawl, India

  • Kaushik Shivangi

    Department of International Development, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Lalrin Chhani

    Department of English and Culture Studies, Mizoram University, Aizawl, India