American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Business

Special Issue

Managing Innovations in Financial Market

  • Submission Deadline: 12 January 2024
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Suraj Sudhakar
About This Special Issue
Financial innovation has come via advances in financial instruments, technology, and payment systems. Digital technology has helped to transform the financial services industry in different ways. These innovations have increased the number of financial providers available to consumers, borrowers, and businesses. There are innovative techniques also used in valuation modeling in stock market using artificial intelligence and machine learning approach. These innovations helped the investors to safeguard their position. In recent year rapid financial innovation, deregulation and capital market integration were taken place and witnessed a period of marvelous growth and structural change in financial market activity and in financial intermediation across the globe. These developments are profound, with major implications for the performance, risk and management of the financial system. Innovation and the major structural changes in financial markets in recent years provided considerable benefits to consumers and users of financial services. A wider choice of financial products with much greater flexibility of terms and conditions is on offer for both savers and borrowers and competition has enhanced efficiency and lowered costs. So it is evident that developments have added to the depth and completeness of markets and to value-added and economic welfare.

Hence, my proposal focus on the following key areas:

  1. (1) Asset Restructuring
  2. (2) Artificial Intelligence in Stock Market
  3. (3) Valuation Modeling
  4. (4) Changes in Global Market
  5. (5) Machine Learning Algorithm for Stock Price Prediction
  6. (6) Value Relevance of Accounting Number
  7. (7) Venture Capital
  8. (8) Innovations in Merchant Banking
This special issue will cover in all the changes and innovations taken place in financial market. It gives an overview to researcher, investor and financial institutions to know the progress and development in the financial sector.
Lead Guest Editor
  • Suraj Sudhakar

    Department of MBA, Naipunnya Business school, Thrissur, India

Guest Editors
  • Vinosh Peter

    MBA Department, Marthoma Institute, Perumbavoor, India

  • Sreenish Ramaswamy

    MBA Department, Albertian institute of management, Kerala, India

  • Deepak M

    MBA Department, Calicut University, Kuttipuram, India

  • Geo Paul

    MBA Department- Monti College, Calicut University, Kerala, India

  • Sabareesha K

    MBA Department, Christ University, Banglore, India

  • Jithin Bendict

    MBA, Albertian Institute of Management, Kochi, India