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Research on the Growth Path of Normal Students Majoring in Geography Under the Background of Professional Certification

Normal students in universities are the main source of school teachers and the key to teaching quality. In order to meet the needs of China's basic education reform and development, as well as the impact of the "New College Entrance Examination" on geography education, the demand has been raised to build China into a strong country with talent and education, and the country has introduced a certification policy for teacher training majors. The training of professional teachers should be the fundamental task of normal university education. The training of normal teachers majoring in geographical science is more professional and needs to be considered as a whole in the process of improvement. Based on the OBE concept and the "student-centered" humanistic learning theory, this paper analyzes the growth of normal students majoring in Geographical Science in Taishan University under the background of professional certification by means of literature and questionnaire, finds out the problems existing in the growth of geography science normal students from four aspects: Teachers' basic literacy, subject teaching ability, class comprehensive education and cooperative innovation development, and puts forward improvement measures for the problems, Promote the practical ability and professional ability of geography normal students, so as to make geography education practitioners more professional progress and make great progress in geography education.

Professional Certification, Geography Education, Geography Normal Students, Growth Path

Min Ding, Chenxue Guo. (2023). Research on the Growth Path of Normal Students Majoring in Geography Under the Background of Professional Certification. Higher Education Research, 8(4), 168-183. https://doi.org/10.11648/j.her.20230804.18

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