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On the Strategy for the Performance Evaluation of First-Class Discipline Construction of Local Universities

The construction of "double first -class" and "application -oriented transformation" is a development strategic choice in the new stage of China's higher education. It is also a favorable opportunity for local universities to develop. In the field of higher education in China, the "double first -class" construction aims to cultivate first -class talents, serve the development needs of the country, and strive to create world -class universities and first -class disciplines. In the context of the "double first -class" construction, the application of application -oriented to the regional economic and social development of local universities is the choice of future development. Local universities are covered by the two policies of "double first-class construction" and "application -oriented transformation". How to improve the level of discipline construction, how to perform performance evaluation, how to stimulate the vitality in the discipline, how to promote the connotation development of the discipline has become the new era. Concern the issue. The research of this project follows the internal logical order of "theoretical prerequisites-methodology selection-system construction-inspection and correction". First, the logical relationship between the core concepts and concepts is defined and analyzed. Secondly Analysis of the relationship between the element and elements of the performance evaluation system, and finally based on the inspection and correction of Delphi analysis. It is expected to provide methodological guidance for local universities first-class discipline construction.

Performance Evaluation, First-Class Discipline Construction, Local Universities

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Meng, F., Wang, H. (2024). On the Strategy for the Performance Evaluation of First-Class Discipline Construction of Local Universities. Higher Education Research, 8(6), 265-268. https://doi.org/10.11648/her.20230806.19

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Meng, F.; Wang, H. On the Strategy for the Performance Evaluation of First-Class Discipline Construction of Local Universities. High. Educ. Res. 2024, 8(6), 265-268. doi: 10.11648/her.20230806.19

AMA Style

Meng F, Wang H. On the Strategy for the Performance Evaluation of First-Class Discipline Construction of Local Universities. High Educ Res. 2024;8(6):265-268. doi: 10.11648/her.20230806.19

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