Science Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing

Special Issue

Computational Intelligence in Digital Image Processing

  • Submission Deadline: 30 November 2014
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Thamarai M
About This Special Issue
Computational intelligence has emerged as powerful tools for information processing, decision making, and knowledge management. The techniques of computational intelligence have been successfully developed in areas such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary algorithms. It is predictable that in the near future computational intelligence will play a more and more important role in tackling several engineering problems.

Image and video processing is a very important research area. Classical image processing methods often face great difficulties while dealing with images containing noise and distortions. Under such conditions, the use of computational intelligence approaches has been recently extended to address challenging real-world image processing problems. This special issue aims to provide a collection of high quality research articles that address broad challenges in both theoretical and application aspects of computational intelligence in image processing. We invite colleagues to contribute original research articles as well as review articles that will stimulate the continuing effort on the application of computational intelligence approaches to solve image processing problems. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

The use of computational intelligence techniques such as:

Neural networks
Fuzzy logic
Metaheuristics Approaches:
(Evolutionary algorithms, simulated annealing, ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, cat swarm optimization, bee colony optimization, etc.)

Coding and compression
Sampling and interpolation
Quantization and half toning
Quality assessment
Filtering and enhancement
Edge detection and segmentation
Feature extraction
Indexing and retrieval
Object detection and tracking in video
Motion estimation and compensation for video signals
Lead Guest Editor
  • Thamarai M

    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Madanapalle Institute Of Technology And Science, Madnapalle, India

Guest Editors
  • Hardik Modi

    Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Charotar University of Science and Technology, Anand, India

  • Mehdi Davoudi

    Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Milan, Milan, Italy

  • Abidin Çalışkan

    Computer Engineering, Batman University, Turkey

  • Baskar Bas

    Department of Computer Science, Government Arts College, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India

  • Satheeskumaran S

    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore, India

  • Umaparvathi M

    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, RVS College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India

Published Articles
  • Stream Flow Painting from Real Images Using Anisotropic Band-Pass Filter

    Xiaohua Zhang , Ning Xie , Yuelan Xin , Heming Huang

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 6-1, December 2014
    Pages: 30-38
    Received: 20 September 2014
    Accepted: 28 January 2015
    Published: 27 February 2015
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cssp.s.2014030601.15
    Abstract: A new non-photorealistic rendering algorithm is proposed for creating artistic painting with soft stream flow from natural color images. The algorithm consists mainly of two stages, that is, a revised bilateral filter called trilateral filter is firstly applied to original color image for creating drawings using gradient information and then a DoG-... Show More
  • Super-Resolution Method Based on Edge Feature for High Resolution Imaging

    Ryohei Yamaguchi , Teppei Sato , Atsushi Koike , Naoya Wada , Hitomi Murakami

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 6-1, December 2014
    Pages: 24-29
    Received: 29 November 2014
    Accepted: 12 December 2014
    Published: 27 December 2014
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cssp.s.2014030601.14
    Abstract: Super-resolution is recently one of the most attractive research themes. An image interpolation method using co-variance between neighboring pixels, so called New Edge-Directed Interpolation (NEDI), was proposed. It enables to interpolate pixels quantitatively regardless of edge features. However, in estimation of predictive coefficients and determ... Show More
  • Analysis of Particle Swarm Optimization in Block Matching Algorithms for Video Coding

    Kakalakannan Damodharan , Thamarai Muthusamy

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 6-1, December 2014
    Pages: 17-23
    Received: 1 November 2014
    Accepted: 5 November 2014
    Published: 12 November 2014
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cssp.s.2014030601.13
    Abstract: Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is global optimization technique based on swarm intelligence. It simulates the behavior of bird flocking. It is widely accepted and focused by researchers due to its profound intelligence and simple algorithm structure. Currently PSO has been implemented in a wide range of research areas such as functional optimiza... Show More
  • Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Based on MCA Associative Memory

    Emad I. Abdul Kareem , Safana H. Abbas , Salman Mahmood Salman

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 6-1, December 2014
    Pages: 6-16
    Received: 22 September 2014
    Accepted: 31 October 2014
    Published: 6 November 2014
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cssp.s.2014030601.12
    Abstract: Traffic in urban areas is mainly regularized by traffic lights, which may lead to the unnecessary long waiting times for vehicles if not efficiently configured. This inefficient configuration is unfortunately still the case in a lot of urban areas where most of the traffic lights are based on a ‘fixed cycle’ protocol. This paper aims to design an i... Show More
  • Adaptive Unsupervised Fuzzy C Mean Based Image Segmentation

    Arunkumar Rajendran , Thamarai Muthusamy

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 6-1, December 2014
    Pages: 1-5
    Received: 17 September 2014
    Accepted: 22 September 2014
    Published: 20 October 2014
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cssp.s.2014030601.11
    Abstract: In this paper an optimized method for unsupervised image clustering is proposed. Generally a Novel Fuzzy C Means (FCM) or FCM based clustering algorithm are used for clustering based image segmentation but these algorithms have a disadvantage of depending upon supervised user inputs such as number of clusters. Our proposed algorithm enhances an uns... Show More