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Conference Special Issue
About Conference Special Issue

Conference special issue includes the full-length articles that were exhibited in an academic conference. To be included in the special issue, articles must undergo a rigorous peer review process and are free from publication and plagiarism, then be selected based on their scientific quality and merit. The conference organizers are welcome to publish conference articles in the special issue.

Special Issue Publishing Terms
The conference must focus on presenting academic research;
All articles should be original, not copied;
Articles included in the special issue will be selected based on their merits through the peer review process by the conference publishing committee;
If any article does not meet quality standards or violates our publishing policy, we reserve the right to refuse inclusion.
Special Issue Publication Process
View aims & scope and then select a journal with strong relevance to the topic of the conference.
Conference organizers and editors are free to select their reviewers, but all reviewers must be suitably qualified experts in the field.
The conference organizer submits the all articles in an editable word file to AcademicEvents at once.
We will require at least 4 weeks for copyediting after receiving all the contents.
We will not publish any contents until the entire collection of articles meets our publication requirements.
Publishing Fee for Special Issue

Articles published in the special issue qualify for a 50% discount on the journal's regular price. Different journals have different prices. You can select a journal and view the prices via the link below.

For more than 20 conference papers to be published, please contact for a quote.

Submit an Event Proposal

If you have a conference coming up, choose our special issue to publish your conference papers, please download the proposal form and submit via email to