Education Journal

Special Issue

Nursing Education & Higher Education, Health Education for Elderly People

  • Submission Deadline: 31 December 2020
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Jian-hua CHEN
About This Special Issue
Recently seven years, I am as a higher nursing educator, with the development of IT, the teacher methods has been changed a lot, while how about the quality of students learning ? For example, nursing students’ self-regulated learning ability, cognitive ability, and critical thinking ability and so on, and how about the nursing students’ experience when they study in different learning environment? Such as in the university, clinical practice, and in the community practice and so on.
I am interesting to focus on the teaching methods and by theoretical principles of education to guide nursing students to study, and follow test their learning outcomes and try to cultivate or search their related abilities, for example nursing students’ self-regulated learning ability, critical thinking ability and so on, and how about their attitude to nurse profession? Job satisfaction? Continuing education, and so on!
Recently four years, I and focus on nursing students’ general self-efficacy(GSE), self-regulated learning ability(SRL) and cognitive ability, the results have found some interesting topics, for example Nursing students had moderate levels of SRL ability and metacognitive ability, but lower levels of GSE. Positive relationships between SRL ability, metacognitive ability, and GSE were observed.
Third-year nursing students had a higher level of SRL ability but lower levels of GSE, compared to second-year students. In terms of metacognitive ability, no significant differences were observed between the student batches.
Aims and Scope:
  1. Self-regulated learning ability
  2. Teaching methods
  3. Teaching design
  4. Nursing education
  5. Nursing students/Clinical nurse
  6. Teaching evaluation (Scholastic achievement, related important abilities)
Lead Guest Editor
  • Jian-hua CHEN

    Nursing Department,Medicine and Health School, Li-Shui University, Li-Shui, China